Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Be Cool,Not a Doggy Fool

Hey there! On these hot summer days your dog is probably having trouble keeping cool. But no need to fear, I'm here today to help your furry friend stay a "chilly dog". And that's my first tip. Again I call these Chilly Dogs. What you do is takes your dogs favorite treats and cut them up into small pieces. Put them in a cube tray and then fill the tray with water, not too much though, you don't want the treats to fall out. Put the tray in the freezer until the water is frozen (about 2 hours). When they are little ice cubes, you can feed them to your dog as a "cool" treat. Not only is it cold, they have fun trying to get the treat out.

Now this next one isn't really a tip, but AN ORDER. Today as we were waiting in line at the grocery store, we hear over the intercom "If you are parked in the front row and your dog is in the car, please roll down the windows."So when we go back to our car we look at the car next to us, and in it is a sweet collie puppy panting and all the windows are rolled up(THE FORECAST SAID IT WAS 101 DEGREES!). I swear sometimes people really want to push my buttons. If they want to push buttons so bad why not push the buttons to roll down the windows. So whats the lesson from this? NEVER EVER EVER LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR...NO EXCUSES!!!And I mean it!

Ok moving on. This tip I call "RAGgedy Puppy". What you do is take a rag or a towel, whatever you wanna call it, and get it damp with cold water. Place it on the dogs torso and let it sit for awhile. I write this as my own raggedy puppy lays under the computer desk. Some dogs like it(or lick it), some dogs don't.

If you have concrete or a porch in your backyard where your dog does his ummm...duty, you might want to consider his little feet scurrying across the blazing concrete. If you don't thinks its that bad, try walking across it bare foot on a hot day and see how it feels. I reccomend putting a rug path going to the grass, it might look tacky, but your dog will sure thank you for it.

Another thing your dog is always grateful for is walks. But be sure to take shorter walks in the morning or evening when its not as hot. Afterward, make sure your dog gets plenty of water.

Summers are great, but make sure you keep it safe for not only you, but your dog. Have a great summer and happy tails!

P.S. Check out these hot dogs!

These dogs are staying cool by sitting in the "shady" areas

Car rides can be fun, but remember not to leave your dog in the car!

Welcome to our Ool! Notice it has no p in it, please keep it that way.

That is one hot doggy!

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