Monday, November 16, 2009


Look at that lazy guy taking a nap in the background while this guy works hard to burn a few carbs! Gosh!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is pretty cool!

One Smart Pup!

8l Woah. Who knows, maybe one day she'll start reading my posts. :O

Fighters Tell How They Feel

And remember, these dogs are just actors, the real fighters don't look so healthy.

Uber Duber Cute!

Hey guys! I just HAD to share this video with you that I found at Enjoy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Comments Now Allowed!

Hey guys! It was brought to my attention by my Mommy Moderator that comments would not work. But it's fixed now, feel free to let me know what your thinking. (Pretty please?)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Friday!

Enjoy it for the remaining hour and 50 minutes, :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hey guys! Blogger seems to be freaking out. Like that last post, it won't let me change the size of the text. And for some reason my music won't play. So bear with me until things get settled.


Hey hey hey! It's Tuesday, and it's been awhile since I've posted, so I'm going to make it up to you. I'm gonna tell you about some EXTREME PUPS!!!! What makes these pooches so extreme? They have GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS! So here they are.

Most Tennis Balls Held in the Mouth of a Dog

This pup LOVES her tennis balls! On July 6, 2003, Augie, a golden retriever, successfully grabbed and held 5 regulation-sized tennis balls at once. Lets g
et a round of applause for Augie and her owners, The Miller Family!

Fastest Car Window Opened by a Dog

Striker, a border collie, rolled down a non-electric window in 11.34 seconds on September 1, 2004. Way to go Francis Gadassi for owning and training Striker!

Highest Jump by a Dog

This pooch can JUMP! Cinderella May, a holly grey, jumped 68 inches ( 172.7 cm), at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals. Let's here it for Cinderella and her owners, Kate Long and Kathleen Conroy!

Well folks, that's all for now. But don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from, so stay tuned for more EX...TREME.... PUPS!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

National Dog Week

Hey everyone! Puppy Mill Awareness Day just ended but National Dog Week has just begun! Well not technically, I couldn't get around to posting it with school once again in session but I managed to squeeze it in so here I am! You're probably wondering what the purpose of all this is so I'll tell ya. National Dog Week is an event to raise awareness of the incredible responsibility dog owners have. People often forget what a dandy duty it is! Dogs look up to us for support, whether we're poor or rich, fat or skinny, tall or short, they love us. They give us everything they have! They give us their companionship, their love, their loyalty, and in some cases their life. Dogs have a natural affection for us, but sadly many people are blind to it. They do harsh, cruel things to someone who's just looking for a pal to pass the time with. It's a sad thing and that's why we have spirit days (or weeks) like this. So here's some activities you can do with your furry friend to let him know you love him to.
  • Take your dog to the dog park!
  • Take them to a local pet store and buy them a goody!
  • Spend some extra quality time together (cuddling, playing, having a chat)
  • Go for a walk or a car ride!
My friends, that's just a few of many things to do with "(wo)man's best friend". So I encourage you to rack your brain and spend some time with him/her.

P.S. Listen to the tributes playing since the theme is man's best friend. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coming to An End

Puppy Mill Awareness day may be over but puppy mills aren't. Continue to spread awareness and hopefully some day put a stop to it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Hello everyone. As you may already know today is official Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day. But more importantly it is Puppy Mill Awareness Day. If you don't know what a Puppy Mill is it is a terrible place with not even a hint of love. Allow me to tell the story of Little Tag 19 (Click here for a video) Tag 19 was the "name" she went by when she was in a puppy mill. She had the number 19 pierced on her ear as if she were a cattle. She was also branded on the top of her head. Her feet and legs were weak and crippled from living on the small cages wire. Puppy Mill females are bred every 6 weeks and when Little Tag 19 gave birth to a blind litter the puppy mill had no use for her and she was rescued. She was given a loving home along with a name, Mariah Hope (Oooh I like her!) There are many other stories of dogs that have been rescued, but not enough. Some dogs never see the sun, others never get the warmth or coolness of being inside. Puppy mills are 100% wrong but 100% legal. We need to put a stop to it! Help spread awareness of these cruel places today!

(P.S. The song playing is a tribute to puppy mill awareness day)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oh yeah!

I'm not a football fan, I'm a baseball person but...Go Redskins! I want to go up there and tackle him myself! Click here to see for yourself!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Why you should never leave your dog in the car. Accidents happen but, its no "I won't be gone long" matter"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All done!

The work is complete! And the blog is now officially spiffy! Yay!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Under Construction

Hey! Remember how I said I was going to have the blog match Fall? Well forget it. Sorry, I'm just not a Fall person. So I am still changing the blog around. So please bare with me, it's a W.I.P. (That's why the colors dont match right now) Happy tails!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

All About:...All about

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know about a new column called "All About", then a breed. It will feature a special breed of the week and have cool facts about them. Just wanted to give you an update! Happy tails! :)

R.I.P. Local Doggy Celebrity

On August 7, Gibson, the worlds tallest dog, passed away. Gibson was a Great Dane who weighed 180 lbs. and measured at 42.2 in. on all fours, and over 7 ft on his hind legs. Gibson was truly a local celebrity. He appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Oprah, and made several other appearances. Gibson was a loving therapy dog for people of all ages. In April, 2009, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a severe form of bone cancer, and had to have one of his front legs amputated in order to keep the cancer from spreading. Thus began the canine cancer awareness progam, 3 Paws 4 The Cause (go to for more information). The early tests were positive but when Gibson went for a check up, the cancer had spread to his spine and his lungs, at which point there was no surgery that could save him. Gibson's owner, Sandy Hall, decided to let him die peacefully, and had him euthanized on Friday at 10 a.m. To read more about Gibson's life story, go to R.I.P. big buddy.

Gibson on The Tonight Show

Gibson and Oprah

Gibson and "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Look!

Hey Guys! Just wanted to let you know I'm in the process of changing the blog. Since the cheery green wasn't going to match the soon to be season fall. So it might take awhile for things to settle down. Til then, Happy Tails!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Be Cool,Not a Doggy Fool

Hey there! On these hot summer days your dog is probably having trouble keeping cool. But no need to fear, I'm here today to help your furry friend stay a "chilly dog". And that's my first tip. Again I call these Chilly Dogs. What you do is takes your dogs favorite treats and cut them up into small pieces. Put them in a cube tray and then fill the tray with water, not too much though, you don't want the treats to fall out. Put the tray in the freezer until the water is frozen (about 2 hours). When they are little ice cubes, you can feed them to your dog as a "cool" treat. Not only is it cold, they have fun trying to get the treat out.

Now this next one isn't really a tip, but AN ORDER. Today as we were waiting in line at the grocery store, we hear over the intercom "If you are parked in the front row and your dog is in the car, please roll down the windows."So when we go back to our car we look at the car next to us, and in it is a sweet collie puppy panting and all the windows are rolled up(THE FORECAST SAID IT WAS 101 DEGREES!). I swear sometimes people really want to push my buttons. If they want to push buttons so bad why not push the buttons to roll down the windows. So whats the lesson from this? NEVER EVER EVER LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR...NO EXCUSES!!!And I mean it!

Ok moving on. This tip I call "RAGgedy Puppy". What you do is take a rag or a towel, whatever you wanna call it, and get it damp with cold water. Place it on the dogs torso and let it sit for awhile. I write this as my own raggedy puppy lays under the computer desk. Some dogs like it(or lick it), some dogs don't.

If you have concrete or a porch in your backyard where your dog does his ummm...duty, you might want to consider his little feet scurrying across the blazing concrete. If you don't thinks its that bad, try walking across it bare foot on a hot day and see how it feels. I reccomend putting a rug path going to the grass, it might look tacky, but your dog will sure thank you for it.

Another thing your dog is always grateful for is walks. But be sure to take shorter walks in the morning or evening when its not as hot. Afterward, make sure your dog gets plenty of water.

Summers are great, but make sure you keep it safe for not only you, but your dog. Have a great summer and happy tails!

P.S. Check out these hot dogs!

These dogs are staying cool by sitting in the "shady" areas

Car rides can be fun, but remember not to leave your dog in the car!

Welcome to our Ool! Notice it has no p in it, please keep it that way.

That is one hot doggy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Be the boss

One thing you must keep in mind when training your dog, or if you just have a dog, is BE THE BOSS. Remember dogs are pack animals and there is always a leader of a pack, and right now, that leader is YOU! You must be in control at all times! Or else that dog will try to become the boss and be try to be YOUR LEADER instead. I know how hard it is to be the boss and not the friend. I have such a hard time doing this myself and I too need to keep this in mind. Those cute little faces, as hard as they are to resist, you must ignore it! Now I'm not saying to totally disown your friendship, because that connection is important too, but not as important as having a leader. So leadershhip, then friendship. Dogs want that, when your being the boss and you see that look in their eyes, don't mistake it for hurt, but for respect. And thats exactly what you want from them. You don't want them to treat you like a dog do you? Having a leader can lead to good behavior.Good luck and happy tails!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Why are dachshunds used in examples more than other breeds?

That is a good question. And the answer is I love dachshunds. I mean I really love dachshunds, maybe its there long little bodies I don't know they are just so cute! They are my favorite breed and so I know alot about them and so its easier for me to give examples using dachshunds.

Mutts Or Purebreds?

This is a question many people ask, Do mutts or purebreds make better pets? But there really is no answer. Like people, every dog is different. Personally, I think Aren't all dogs mutts? Because how do you think we got all these breeds we have today? Take dachshunds for example, dachshunds come in 3 different coats, wire-hair, Long-hair, and smooth-hair. Each coat has different personalities. The long-hair dachshund is more laid back and calm than the other 2 coat types, possibly because it got its long-hair from another breed. So doesn't that make it a mutt? Every dog got its characteristics from another dog, so the way I see it, there is no such thing as a purebred. What do you think?

So cute I had to share it....

This is a picture of my dog Mac after he took a W-A-L-K.... Oh yeah... I don't have to spell it hecan't read. Well anyways here it is. Isn't that cute?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Teaching your dog what "click" means

Clicker training was orignally used for marine animlas. Trainers relized that they weren't always able to get the food to the animals right away. So they came up with clicker training. Clicker training is mainly just comunication. And when training your dog comunication is key. To do clicker training first you need a clicker. You can usually find these at any local pet store. Once you have a clicker you want to get your dog to understand that the clicker means a reward is coming. To do this, tell your dog to sit, when he/she does, click, and reward. If they don't know sit you can just click and reward, click and reward. Keep on doing this until you think your dog understands what the "click" means. If you still don't understand, you can ask me questions in a comment. Good luck with clicker training! Happy tails!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Food that can be harmful to your dog

Onions or garlic: Contains Thiosulphate. Onions cause more damage

Chocolate: Contains Theobromine. Can be FATAL to dogs.

Grapes: Contains a unknown substance toxic to dogs. Causes damage to (canine) kidneys.

Raisins:Contains dried grapes. (See above)
Most fruit pits and seeds: Contains Cyanogenic Glycosides resulting in cyanide poisoning – though the fruit itself is okay.

Macadamia Nuts: Contains a unknown substance toxic to dogs.

Bones : Can become lodged in ones throat and/or splinter digestive system. Basically a choking hazard. (Especially chicken or turkey bones)

Potato peelings or green potatoes: Contains Oxalates, which can affect the digestive, nervous, and urinary systems.

Rhubarb leaves: See above

Broccoli: Is only toxic in large amounts ( I don't blame them! Broccoli is GROSS!)

Green parts of tomatoes: Same reason as green potatoes. See 8.

Yeast Dough:Can produce gas and/or swell in your pets stomach, leading to rupture of the digestive system

Coffee, Coffee Grounds, Tea, and soft drinks : These can all be dangerous because of the caffeine

Moldy or spoiled foods: Do I really have to explain this one?

Human Vitamins: Emphasis on the HUMAN.

Persimmons: Can cause intestinal blockage

Raw eggs and raw fish : Can contain salmonella poisoning.

Salt, Baking soda, Baking powder: Blah blah blah ( a bunch of words no one knows what they mean) causes muscle spasms or congestive heart failure.

Mushrooms : May contain toxins that can cause liver or kidney damage

Sugar-free foods: Sugar-free foods containing Xylitol have been found to cause liver failure in some dogs.

Nutmeg: Can cause seizures and central nervous system damage.

Excessive fatty foods : Can cause Pancreatitis.

Avocado: All parts of the avocado or the avocado tree are toxic to dogs.

Dairy Products : Dairy products aren't usually to toxic but most dairy products contain high amounts of fat and some dogs (like humans) are lactose intolerant. Small amounts of cheese or yogurt are ok.

Remember that all dogs are made different. It depends on the size, breed, and dog on what is toxic to it and what is not. But one thing for sure is that its not worth the risk of losing your furry, 4-legged friend. There are some foods that are good for dogs like a little bit of yogurt (non-flavored) can help the digestive system. Or a few droplets of olive oil mixed in with their dog food can give them a glossier coat. But always consult your vet when introducing a new food to your pet, and watch carefully after feeding it to your pet to make sure there is no allergic reaction. Which could include scratching, biting, chewing or constant licking of the feet, etc. Just watch for unusual behavior. Happy tails! (ha lol)


Sup guys! This is my first post and if your reading this thanks for stopping by! Well I hope you enjoy my little site! And I hope you read my later posts! Thanks again!

Happy tails!Cookie over and out!