Saturday, September 19, 2009

Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Hello everyone. As you may already know today is official Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day. But more importantly it is Puppy Mill Awareness Day. If you don't know what a Puppy Mill is it is a terrible place with not even a hint of love. Allow me to tell the story of Little Tag 19 (Click here for a video) Tag 19 was the "name" she went by when she was in a puppy mill. She had the number 19 pierced on her ear as if she were a cattle. She was also branded on the top of her head. Her feet and legs were weak and crippled from living on the small cages wire. Puppy Mill females are bred every 6 weeks and when Little Tag 19 gave birth to a blind litter the puppy mill had no use for her and she was rescued. She was given a loving home along with a name, Mariah Hope (Oooh I like her!) There are many other stories of dogs that have been rescued, but not enough. Some dogs never see the sun, others never get the warmth or coolness of being inside. Puppy mills are 100% wrong but 100% legal. We need to put a stop to it! Help spread awareness of these cruel places today!

(P.S. The song playing is a tribute to puppy mill awareness day)

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